Maturity Bites

When one of my professors in college, sir Kane replied to my tweet which was all about my MA studies, I felt that I was steered into the right direction. For now, I am decided to take this certain program. The only thing I haven’t decided upon is whether I should take online classes or not. Obviously it would save me time and effort if I choose to take the online route (and working full-time is a possibility), but the nerd in me wants to have a feel of the real classroom setup. But for now, I have to work work work for tuition money.

On to the topic of work, I’m glad that the four-day workweek did not push through.

While I admittedly like long weekends, cramming everything into four days (read: longer hours) is definitely draining. This is coming from a sort of workaholic who likes getting things done before deadlines. It’s perfectly fine for some businesses and employees, but I think that it will hurt productivity, depending on the industry. One would probably save a lot of time and transportation money with that kind of setup, but 10 hours at work is just too much, especially for highly stressful jobs that are deadline-driven. Imagine two more hours of wanting the workday to be over (for stress-loaded workdays). It’s like turning everyone into becoming operations people when not everyone chose to be in that kind of setup with long hours and less time to rest. Work-life balance, people! Do you really want to wake up, go to work, go home, sleep daily x4? I’m not even outgoing yet that concerns me. People still need some me-time even after work, be it playing mindless games on gadgets or watching an episode or two of your favorite series without compromising sleep.



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