The Long Weekend Roundup

Sometimes, a four-day weekend is all you need to put things in perspective. Four days of nonstop thinking (and oversleeping!) gave me considerable time to think things over and create more to-do lists (hrhr!). I’m still not done with the lists because visuals are way easier to do. Here is my visual wishlist update for the first time in a year.

My updated visual board

My updated visual board. Define "THINK BIG!"

I also had daily servings of Chatime pearl milk tea. Slowly getting used to the taste of milk tea with less sugar and less ice.

Their wireless thingy is so cool

Their wireless thingy is so cool

It was my friend’s first time to try Chatime. I hope there are good milk tea places in Japan because she’s my fellow Simple Line/Bubble Tea lover. On a related note, it’s weird that I didn’t cry during our reunion (said friend just left the Philippines a few hours ago and will stay there for 2 years)—the tears I shed days ago must have been the tears intended for the occasion. See, I found myself crying after reading her boyfriend’s Facebook status. :|

The lowdowns of the weekend would probably include that, and 1.) missing on the domestic Piso fare offer of Cebu Pacific for early next year. My frustration to travel locally is at an all-time high, especially after finally getting to check out Bohol for myself recently. I missed the opportunity to go to both Cebu and Bohol in one go around three years ago because I couldn’t travel; and 2.) Spending money on shoes because a couple of steps more and I would be walking with my bare feet on my way home. So much for being frugal the entire week!

Cute mustard loafers

Cute mustard loafers

How was your weekend?



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  • Tamz

    Are those “pinheads” magnets?

    I think the color index is cool. You might be interested in this link.

    Cute shoes you bought there. If I wear flats though, they have to have straps as I’m not used to shoes that “exactly” fits my feet, they ache easily but I don’t want “flying” shoes either! LOL

    They put ice on milk teas there? Daya ha. LOL. Here they don’t though they serve it chilled

    • MM

      Yup, magnets! I got them on sale. Less than a hundred pesos!

      LOVE THAT LINK!!! The Color Index set is around Php 800 pesos. Since I’m a cheapskate (I got the Type Index for Php 300) I’m looking for open copies/on sale copies.

      Hahaha, flying shoes! Those are from Korea, methinks. I’m starting to appreciate loafers and oxfords.

      Yes, they do. You can customize your drink though in some milk tea places. But when it’s no ice naman, it’s not cold. Are the milk teas served there prepared way ahead of time?

      • Tamz

        Nope, they make your orders “on spot”. Over there? Milk teas weren’t popular yet in the Philippines when I left.

        • MM

          But the drink is chilled? It’s prepared on the spot also, but it’s not cold without the ice.

          Yeah. Ang tagal mo na d’yan! :P

          • Tamz

            Yes it is. I think the difference is the facilities? Do they sell milk teas there at kiosks? I remember kais mga drinks nila dyan usually kiosks. Here kasi it’s really in a building with the refrigerator and stuff.

          • MM

            Yes, kiosks and bigger stores, kinda like an ice cream shop. :)

  • Aja

    Daming watches! o_O Yung Eneloop ba may paggagamitan ka aside from the Speedlite? Heehee :P

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