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Type Idea Index

Type Idea Index by Jim Krause

Type Idea Index is the sixth installment of the Index series. Buying this book wasn’t a priority (because the two books on color are on top of my wishlist) but I came across an open copy with the price of Php 299! I went around Powerbooks with the book and finally made a beeline straight to the cashier. How can I go wrong when the book’s original price is at Php 1,500+? I’m a frustrated graphic designer—taking multimedia arts crossed my mind before. I still ended with my first choice, Communication Arts, but I was able to practice through our projects that required layouts. In short, I still have dreams of being a designer—I know for a fact that it’s gonna be a tough journey for me because I can’t draw. UGH. =)) I can’t imagine making a vector from scratch. :| But then, there’s typography.

Specific Eras

I love the fact that I can flip through the pages randomly for some inspiration

I haven’t read it from cover to cover yet because with eery page I see, I end up overwhelmed with ideas to use for future layouts. Planning to make it a “stuck-in-a-rut” reference instead. Or maybe not.

Font samples

Font samples

Btw, I’m getting rusty on font names. Just this morning, I was trying to recall the font I used for our block logo. Was it sexy wig? AG Stencil? Army? With a couple of searches, I found the answer: Stencil. Memory gap!



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