Milk Tea Diaries: Milk + Tea Station

Milk + Tea Station

Milk + Tea Station: I wonder what font they used?

I found another milk tea place, this time at the Imperial Palace Suites located at Timog corner Tomas Morato, Quezon City that goes by the name Milk + Tea Station. It’s across Army Navy. And because I am not adventurous with my tea, I ordered their Classic Milk Tea.

Milk + Tea Station Classic Milk Tea with Pearls

Milk + Tea Station Classic Milk Tea with pearls

Not much of customization options here, but it’s all good. Not really a big fan of that.

Milk + Tea Station

Two options for sweetness level: Lite and Regular

The place is small, like a take-out branch but the walls are adorned with different examples of typography.

Milk + Tea Station wall art

Benefits of drinking tea

Below is their menu:

Milk + Tea Station menu

Milk + Tea Station menu

And like the many other milk tea shops out there, they have a Loyaltea card. Every loyalty card I have from a place that sells tea calls it a “loyaltea” card. Cool.

Milk + tea Station Loyaltea card

Another Loyaltea card for me to keep (and complete?)

My order has a strong taste that blended well with the milk. But whenever I sip, I think of coffee—it has that strange (yet welcome) kick. I guess it depends on the tea used, ‘no? (It’s not flowery nor fruity; must educate myself on the kinds of tea!). The pearls are great, if I may add. I guess my card will get another sticker soon and try something else on their menu.



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