Milk Tea Diaries: Moonleaf Tea Shop

Some of my milk tea-loving friends have been raving about Moonleaf Tea Shop for the longest time. I’m too lazy to explore Maginhawa just for a cup of milk tea (’cause I wanna go there on an all-out food trip) but well, well, well, I just came across their newest branch located along Esteban Abada St., Loyola Heights, QC. The street is parallel to Katipunan Avenue, a couple of meters away from McDonald’s. The best landmark is Crave Burger—they share the space.

Moonleaf Tea Shop alng Esteban Abada, QC

Moonleaf Tea Shop. Apologies for the haphazardly taken photo

I had pearl milk tea.

Moonleaf tea Shop's Pearl Milk Tea

Moonleaf Tea Shop's Pearl Milk Tea

My thoughts? Well, for the price, it’s cheaper than most tea shops at Php 70. The blend is similar to Simple Line, albeit sweeter. I’m not really into customizing drinks but I wish they did because it’s too sweet and I believe I’m not alone; the girl who sipped her drink for the first time mouthed “Matamis” to her companion while my mom echoes my sentiments. It’s really good except for the pearls which was not chewy and “cooked” (Zagu-like tapioca is what I mean, what do you call that?) like other milk tea places.

It’s still worth going back to, though. And by the way, this made my day:

Moonleaf Tea Shop's Pearl Milk Tea

And I've got a smiley!



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