Outrageous ‘Dos

Hello. I want either Park Bom or CL’s hair in the photo below.


I won't be able to pull off 2NE1 fashion, that's for sure, but their hair... I like!

I was instantly reminded of my sophomore year days when the lower part of my hair had light brown streaks. Kinda like CL’s only that mine is mostly black with light brown at the ends. It’s my way of saying “I’m now in college, let me do whatever I want with my hair!” ’cause the schools I went to consider hair color a big no-no.

The first time I watched “Can’t Nobody,” I already had visions of myself in my head with that hair. I don’t like being stared at, though. If I do push through with this, I feel I will either get fired or be applauded (for being a fearless statement maker, WHUT) the first time I step into my office with this kind of hair.

CL in "Can't Nobody"

CL in "Can't Nobody"

And here’s Taeyeon of SNSD with a hairdo which I initially thought did not flatter her until this:

And oh, “Bad Girl” is an awesome song, still can’t say if I liked the choreography.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment; Screencap credit: Let’s Play 2NE1



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