Local Fave: Gerald Anderson

In my previous post, I blabbed about Sam Milby. This time around, I’m gonna talk about the other Fil-Am actor I also like, Gerald Anderson (I just finished watching Catch Me, I’m In Love and I’m on a high!).

Gerald Anderson by Isparkleen

Gerald Anderson, photo taken in 2008. He looks so bagets!

Most people I know shake their heads in disbelief when they find out that I am a closet Kimerald fan (Obviously out of the closet now ’cause I wrote it here already). Get this: I am not a shipper of the two in PBB Teen Edition nor did I even follow them religiously on their ASAP performances and mall tours. I can’t help letting out a heavy sigh whenever “Crazy Love” plays on the radio and on the boob tube, quite excessively if I may add (lyrical repetitiveness is one form of repetitiveness I don’t particularly like and yes, I might have contradicted myself), but behind that reaction is Xelds who won’t stop pestering me with that song and calling me Poknat every chance she gets, don’t ask why!

One summer in ABS-CBN changed the way I looked at the two. I’d like to call it “Loveteam fascination.” I kinda regret that I don’t have a picture with the pair.

Like the Sam post, here are two funny backstories for each photo.

We bumped into Kim randomly at that blind corner in the compound. Since we were with one of our bosses, they knew Kim so they greeted her. I fondly recall that one of my OJTmates is quite on the shameless side that he asked out loud whether we could have our pictures taken with Kim. It was hilarious in an embarrassing way. The awkwardness showed in the photo.

As for the Gerald picture, it was my other co-trainee’s last ASAP with us. She came in weeks before I did so I tagged along with her all the time. Same day when I started to become fascinated with the love team. Same day when I bumped into Angela and told her breathlessly, “Lahat ng crush ko andito! Gerald, Aldred (Gatchalian), Jon (Avila), lahat!” BEFORE the show started I told her that I wanted a picture with Gerald, and by the time the show already ended, I was panicking because he might leave or something. Head was pounding like drumsofsteel.com steel drums out of stress from work and missing the opportunity to meet him. She looked for Gerald, found him in one of the dressing rooms, grabbed my hand, went inside and blurted out, “Gerald, pwedeng magpa-picture?” to which the handsome guy replied with an affirmative.

So I was a few inches away from him and stared a bit. He looked younger than me (when in fact I’m older by four months) so I instantly felt weird going giddy over someone who could be my little bro. Kinda disappointed with the photo—beside one of the most good-looking stars and I look like I’ve done so much for the day (which is actually true!). There should definitely be a next time!

P.S. And look what I found!

Kimerald KText

Kimerald KText: He's wearing the same shirt!

Photo credit: Kimerald KTexts (Kim and Gerald KText)



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