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The other day, my friends and I were talking about local movies shown recently. That two, being Forever and A Day and In the Name of Love. Fatz was permitted to be a spoiler that day since she got to watch the Sam Milby-KC Concepcion starrer and the latter’s plot was told to her by a co-worker. I intently listened so that I’d know which of the two is worth waiting for on Cinema One. My guess about Forever and a Day was correct, while In the Name of Love‘s storyline’s so complex that I just have to see it for myself (although I knew what happened already, but I’m intrigued how the actors pulled it off).

We ended up raving about Pinoy movies which we like. I was surprised to find out that My Big Love happened to be one of our common favorites. Admittedly, it was only around two months ago that I was able to watch said film—I always chance upon it on Cinema One and it was always halfway through.

My Big Love

My Big Love

Said discussion also brought to light (and my confused memory) the fact that Sam Milby and Gerald Anderson belong to my very short list of favorite local actors. I might have a thing for male personalities with American blood, eh?

Albeit a far second to the acting chops of John Lloyd Cruz, the two both have smiles that can light up a room and eyes that can be matched with this particular adjective difficult to associate if truthfulness is to be taken into account, “tantalizing.” The JLC is good-looking, but the Filipino-American mix of Sam and Gerald is comparable to coffee—a perfect blend. LOLWHUT!

Enough of the crazy comparisons, let me talk about Sam Milby for this entry.

We all know that Sam is from the first edition of the highly-successful first installment of Pinoy Big Brother. His stint in the house was controversial—still something that helped him in his career once he stepped outside the house. So he’s handsome, a smile that eventually bagged him toothpaste commercials and can sing and play the guitar. It was a struggle watching him in the small roles he had post-PBB because his Tagalog speaking skills was nowhere near acceptable— he ended up being typecasted in roles such as being a Fil-Am with a parent or family abroad and went to the Philippines to know more about himself and the works.

Sam Milby's self-titled first album

Sam Milby's self-titled first album. I remember borrowing this album from a friend!

Years passed and Sam Milby is still here. Looks like he’s gonna stay longer. His Tagalog skills have obviously improved but the cute accent remains (I wouldn’t personally mind if he kept the accent; it’s part of what makes him adorable). He had two movies with Toni Gonzaga which is on my like list, despite the fact that I am no Toni fan. I must admit though that the girl is good with that stereotypical role of hers, specifically, her movies with Cathy Garcia-Molina at the helm. It is worth noting that Sam was chosen as the leading man for KC Concepcion’s “sorta” comeback movie. His performing talent has also been recognized through the years. “Mahal Pa Rin” is a heavy radio favorite when it first came out.

I now end this with a personal realization that I do not have a photo with him yet. Haha! I bumped into him a couple of times when I was still a trainee at ABS-CBN but never had a photo-op with him. One of my funniest memories during my stay was watching him and Iya Villania converse while practicing on the trampoline (one of their performances for ASAP ’08 involved a trampoline). I was with my boss, watching the two talking to each other in heavily accented Tagalog, one with an Aussie accent, the other American. They must’ve felt we were staring at them ’cause they stopped jumping. The two smiled at us. Sam then asks if their Tagalog is bad, me and my boss shake our heads. It was so funny, I should’ve recorded that moment.

Next up, Gerald Anderson!

Photo credits: Star Cinema (My Big Love) and Star Records (Sam Milby’s first album)

P.S. Where do I find motorcycle friendly gps? Is there such a thing?



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