Forming the Facebook Game Habit

I discovered a fun game on Facebook called My Shops today. The application’s name speaks for itself.

My Shops on Facebook

My Shops on Facebook

Early this year, I once again tried a game on Facebook called Cityville. The phrase “once again” was there because the last time I found myself spending sleepless nights over a Facebook game was about a year ago with Pet Society. The trial phase went on for days, weeks and not realizing it, months. Around the same time, I also honed my “skills” as a cook in Cooking Mama.

It was only two months ago when I was able to get rid of the Cityville habit in my life. One night, I did not feel like playing. The next day, I forgot to open the application. From then on, I successfully got myself into another habit which is not loading games on Facebook.

Unfortunately, I think I might get back to that other habit again with this game.

P.S. I wonder what happened with Rufus, my Pet Society pet. He used to have an updated wardrobe. Wonder if there are Marcus medical uniforms available at the store.



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