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There are moments when you end up staring in front of the monitor for minutes, not knowing what to check next. You’re done with all your social networking sites and no updates have showed up in the last five minutes. Instead of searching random things like depression rehab treatment centers when you’re running out of pages to view online, why not go [window] online shopping?

Upstyle Shop

Upstyle Shop

Here are my Upstyle picks!

Isparkleen's picks for Upstyle

Isparkleen's picks for Upstyle

Girl’s Gotta Have
These three pairs of earrings represent items that are must-haves for most girls: a dresser, killer heels and comb and mirror set!

Small, sparkly
Isparkleen will definitely not miss sparkly things! These lovely rings are small scene-stealers on your fingers.

This multi-stranded wooden necklace in gray can match most styles!

What are your picks?



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