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Two of my favorite rings

Two of my favorite rings: a Hello Kitty watch ring and a layered ring

I’m gonna talk about time, which explains the inclusion of the photo above.

The other day, my co-worker asked me, “Ano’ng pinagkakaabalahan mo [after work]?” And I said, “Wala naman.” I add hesitantly, “Internet?” Said person tells me that’s sad, I frown.

I wish I could answer, “I’m taking up my MA.” Or “I am busy with another job” if only to sound amazing, interesting. But no, with that answer people will be left with the impression that I am just a homebody stuck in front of the PC even after office hours.

Because of that, I assessed myself. Am I doing something productive outside of work? I don’t just surf the Internet mindlessly, I read about design, photography and all the other creative endeavors that I am not able to pursue in my current job. In my almost two years of being in the workforce, I realize that when you make a living out of a hobby, it might extinguish the “fire” you have for it, or you can sustain it. Either way, you’d be pressured to perform well not just because you want to, but also because your name is on the line. And of course, some other factors come into play.

I’m trying my best to be productive and it just so happened I make use of the computer for most of my hobbies. My one-word answer “Internet” didn’t seem like an answer worthy of the Miss Universe crown—and when I think about it now, it sounds oh-so-wrong. Geeky girl personified (which I am, but I have a social life too and I go places and I eat a lot, as evidenced by the entries I have under the Scrumptious Delights category, LOL).

This is one of those times when an answer can make or break you. I am having a “Major, major” moment.

When I think of it, I’ve no one to please but myself. :)



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