Comfort Food

I wouldn’t say I don’t know why I end up blogging about food I ate because 1. I enjoy taking pictures of food ’cause it won’t budge and complain and 2. I enjoy eating and I am blessed to be surrounded by people who loves to eat. In short, I’d just like to say that this entry is basically a rundown of delish food we ate the other day.


Old-time favorite lugaw

When I was a kid, my lolo would often take me to the nearest lugawan and eat breakfast. My lola, on the other hand, would often prepare lugaw (correct me if I am wrong, but is it rice porridge in English?) either as breakfast, lunch or dinner. Basically, I was accustomed to lugaw. It was only when we moved to another city that I appreciated lugaw.

There’s this place in Malabon which serves really good lugaw. It’s just the right consistency and you can eat it by itself. But it is made more enjoyable with the “side dishes”. You can choose, among other items on the menu, the usual tokwa’t baboy (fried tofu and pork) or dila (ox tongue).


Fave partner for lugaw: dila

Another comfort food would have to be stir-fried rice.

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Some people consider veggies their comfort food. I am not one of them.

Broccoli with garlic

Broccoli with garlic—someone else's fave

I also love seafood. I can eat fish even if it’s unseasoned. Heck, I’d eat it raw (Japanese sushi/sashimi, of course).

Steamed Fish Fillet

I love how plain this dish is. Weird, 'eh?

So what are yours? :)



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