First Blog-niversary!

This post is written just so I can say I wrote something on’s first anniversary.

Just to clarify, this blog is not my first. I started blogging in 2003 with a little knowledge of HTML. I was completely clueless about content management systems so each entry was coded and reuploaded for my site to be updated. Changed names often until I got hosted. Settled with a particular username until my host’s hosting expired. I had to find something else and stumbled upon Blogspot in 2006. Since then, I used isparkleen.

It was only in 2010 that I got the name as a domain thanks to Aja. Much thanks also go to Lexie for hosting me. Yaaay! I also made a promise to get back to blogging last year. Looking at my archives page, I think I was able to do that frequently, if not daily. :) Yaaay!

A sincere thanks to everyone who reads the blog. Hope that at least one of my entries have helped you at some point, or have made you happy/delighted/inspired/any positive adjective.Thanks and keep on reading!

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  • Claud

    Happy Anniv! Giveawaaay! Charot :))

    • MM

      Thank yew! Oo nga, nag-iisip nga ako eh. Hahaha noon ko pa nga naisip kaso hindi ko namalayan, June 20 na!

  • Aja

    Happy birthday,!

    • MM

      Thank you! :)

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