Lunch at Spiral: Part Two

After making the rounds, I took the plunge. Hope you’re not hungry upon reading this post!

First round:

Roasted Prime Rib

Roasted Prime Rib

Second round:

Salmon sushi and sashimi, black ink rice

Salmon sushi and sashimi, black ink rice


Dimsum: xiao long pao, shrimp dumpling, scallop dumpling. These are so delicious!

Third round:

Bowtie bolognese

Bowtie bolognese. So meaty!

Grilled salmon

Grilled salmon

Chicken yakitori

Chicken yakitori—THIS IS SO GOOD. I wish I came back for more.

My mom’s pizza/pasta plate:

Pizza/pasta plate

This is my mom's. She's particularly proud of how she plated her plate and asked me to take a picture of it.

Fourth round:


Sukiyaki. Too bad they don't have eggs. They don't prepare this by order.

Fifth round:

Thai Fried Rice

Their Thai Fried Rice transported me back to Bangkok. It wasn't spicy... at first.

Chicken foot

Chicken foot was good. Wouldn't wanted this to be spicy

I also helped myself with dumplings for this plate.

My cute cousin also had fun:

Cute cousin

My cute cousin "presenting" his "creation"

A closer look:

Strawberry Sundae Salad

He calls his creation SSS: Strawberry Sundae Salad

I decided it was time for dessert.

Chocolate fountain

I know I've posted a similar photo but it registers so well in pics!

Oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal cookies. The choco chip cookies—gone. :(

Ice cream

I settled with ice cream...

Ice cream station

...and had it mishmashed...


...with my ever-fave mallows and some choco chips.


I passed by the cakes...


...and realized I'm lucky to have taken their photos an hour before.

Chocolate ice cream

Too chocolate-y for me


I also had crepe!

And my tummy hasn’t grumbled for the past 24 hours. Woah.



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  • Red

    OMG!!!! Tagal ko na gustong kumain diyan! Parang ang sasaraaaap! :) Magkano pala? haha

    • MM

      Php 2,700 yata :)

  • Louie

    OMG! Spiral! Spiral! Spiral! Went there, like three years ago. Best buffet ever!

    • MM

      The last time I went there was about three years ago, too. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like the choices got fewer. Anyway, not complaining here. Their salmon sashimi is a winner! :)

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