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I finally got to try Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Hainanese Chicken today.

Kenny Rogers Hainanese Chicken

Kenny Rogers Hainanese Chicken

As you might recall, my first attempt in ordering this dish wasn’t successful. At Php 185, it was actually a good meal. The sweet soy sauce was good. The service was so-so—our table needed one more wipe with a damp cloth (I was too hungry to bother asking someone from the busy crew).


…I finally discovered where Parvati is in Trinoma.

Parvati at Trinoma

Parvati at Trinoma

I’ve been hearing about Parvati for the longest time, I just didn’t know where it is in the mall. Since we got a discount coupon because of our cinema theater purchase, I took it as a sign that we should go check it out.

Parvati at Trinoma

Yay, coffee!

Parvati is a one-stop shop for homemade desserts. This allows home bakers to market their creations in a more accessible place. Initially, I thought it was some high-end pastry shop (because of the name). Quite surprised that most of the stuff they sell aren’t that expensive.

One of the service attendants muttered something like “Two cups of coffee, ma’am?” while I was at the counter and paying for my cake. I didn’t get it until she asked again. So apparently they serve complimentary coffee! But the thing is, I ordered this:

Parvati at Trinoma

Coffee Indulgence

Yup, a coffee cheesecake. It took me a while to choose, because I was torn with all the varieties of cheesecakes and brazo de mercedes (the photos on the ref were so katakam-takam). I consider anything with coffee as a safe choice. Next time, I am so going to order another cake and sip the coffee first!



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