Pepper Lunch “Lunch” and Some Sweets

I don’t know if there’s such a thing as too much Pepper Lunch. ‘Cause today marked the first time that I actually ate more than one order. It’s not the tikim kind. As in one extra plate shared by two, in this case, the Sliced Angus Beef!

My uncle’s order:

Pepper Lunch's Seafood Pepper Rice with Egg

Pepper Lunch's Seafood Pepper Rice with Egg

My order (which doesn’t look photogenic because if I prioritize getting a good photo, my salmon will get burned):

Pepper Lunch Salmon Pepper Rice

Salmon Pepper Rice

And the order we shared:

Pepper Lunch's Sliced Angus Beef

Sliced Angus Beef

The Shangri-La branch served more beef slices. So I’m getting this order there. We then went to Pepper Lunch’s neighbor at Greenbelt, Gelatissimo.

I got myself two kinds of gelato. The tiramisu ended being a tira because we were full. :|


Gelatissimo coffee, tiramisu gelato

I also passed by a branch of Chatime located at the bridgeway of Landmark and Glorietta. They have a very extensive menu like Serenitea…

Chatime menu

Chatime menu

…and the taste is close to Simple Line.

Chatime Pearl Milk Tea

Chatime Pearl Milk Tea

Well, that’s what I thought on first sip. When I finished my cup, I concluded that Simple Line is still number one on my milk tea list. I feel their brew is almost the same but it lacks the combination of sweetness and “milkiness” Simple Line offers.

YES, I like PL and SL too much! Apologies for being so repetitive~ ;)



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