Clark Fun: Part One

Last weekend, we went up north for some R & R. Upon entering NLEX, rain suddenly poured. It was my first time to be in near-zero visibility NLEX and heck, it was scary.


NLEX and dark clouds

We spent the afternoon at Fontana Water Park. It was my first time to try an underwater camera. And to swim in the rain (we did not realize that of course, because water’s everywhere in the Water Factory!) I don’t have pics because the camera’s not mine. I tell you, it’s a joy to use one, but I still fear for the gadget’s life whenever it gets soaked or splashed by waves.

Fontana Water Park

The Water Factory at Fontana Water Park

My uncle and aunt prepared some games for us. Most controversial of them all was the marshmallow challenge. I’m stumped up to this day that I did a search online and apparently, it’s a real challenge. Akala ko kasi imbento lang talaga! The objective was to build the tallest tower with the use of these materials: pasta noodles, string, tape and a piece of marshmallow (which should be the “cherry” on top).

Marshmallow challenge!

Marshmallow challenge!

Time limit was around 15 minutes so it’s no surprise that our team’s structure isn’t that sturdy.

This is our tower

Our finished product

Another game: finishing jigsaw puzzles the fastest time possible.

Jigsaw puzzles!

Jigsaw puzzles on the floor

In the end, we emerged victorious. The tiebreaker was… jack en poy. :p



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  • Aja

    LOL @ the eventual deciding factor for the winner of your games. How high was your pasta tower? I love team building challenges! Makes me really competitive every time. :D

    • MM

      So how would you build the tower? ;)

      • Aja

        Probably truss-style, like electric transmission pylons, lattice towers, and radio communication towers. :D

        • MM

          Okay, lost.

          • Aja

            Think Eiffel Tower or Tokyo Tower. :)

          • MM

            Exactly what our engineer in the group had in mind. But we lacked time, so there.

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