Accessories can make or break outfits. I used to be quite lazy in accessorizing until I started working. With a dress code like ours, you’re bound to get creative not just in terms of writing, but also in dressing up. It’s also inspiring to see fashionable people everyday. I guess that’s the The Devil Wears Prada part of my work.

I’m nowhere near fashyown but I can say that I have learned a lot fashion-wise. I still don’t follow trends and I’m happy to say that I am finding my fashion identity, one piece at a time. Yes, mehganon!

Speaking of pieces, you might wanna check out Upstyle Shop. This new shop offers rings, earrings and necklaces at affordable prices.

Upstyle Shop

Digging this ring! I love the combination of different materials.

Upstyle’s name means something literal. As in take your style up a notch. Up + style. Hee. Upstyle Shop also has a Facebook fanpage, so check it out as well.

P.S. Another good deal right here: curt trailer hitch specials!



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