Fruit I Love

Not a big fan of fruits and veggies here. So when some of them are on our dining table, I take the opportunity to load up on much needed nutrients.

This, for today:

Avocado with ice, milk and sugar

Avocado with ice, milk and sugar

Too bad avocados are seasonal. Boohoo. Aside from what my mom does, I also like avocado milk shake. I believe the best kind is by The Big Chill. However, finding ATV accessories is easier than finding a The Big Chill branch with this fruit available.



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  • Aja

    Avocado milk shake! <3

  • Red

    Yez! Avocadooooo!

    • MM

      Parang na-late na ang dating ng avocado. Sana hanggang June! :D

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