Some Things Never Change

Random rundown:

  • Brand loyalty. Five years don’t matter. Even in the time of Android, iPhones and Blackberries, I’m still fiercely loyal to Nokia. Who knows if I switch once they finally drop Symbian and release a Windows-based phone. Two years don’t matter, my taste buds still crave for Simple Line milk tea.
  • Still critical and opinionated. I’m a quirky girl who sometimes have unconventional choices. So I sometimes feel the need to “defend” my choices simply because my picks are not the popular ones or that not a lot of people actually like them because they aren’t that likeable (think Bad Badtz Maru—most girls love the kitty). I believe this has something to do with not understanding hypes.
  • Nerd alert. It dawned on me recently that I still want to learn so many things. I thought I have lost my interest in some things along the way. I had a mindset then that work left me no time to explore and enjoy my other passions. But my multi-tasking self is slowly taking over, once again. I’d say it is a very welcome comeback—it made me realize that if I want to do something, I’d figure out a way to do it; I’ll make time for it.

  • Lazy reader. College made one, and even if I am still in the business of words, I still find it hard to get that reading mojo back. Thanks to the Internet though, I come across random articles (do pieces on oxyelite pro side effects count?) and try my best to read, read, read. I really want to get started and finish all the novels left unread on my book shelf.
  • There are things I still don’t understand. Like why some people treat good-looking people differently (very “Don’t judge a book by its cover”). Or that there are actually people who take things and even another person for granted. Or that no matter what you do, some people won’t even bother to take action, if only to arrive at a happy compromise. Or that even when you play fair, somebody ruins the game and takes the cake.

I think too much.



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  • Aja

    Finish HP4 already! :lol:

    • MM

      I knooooow!

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