May is JLC Month!

It occurred to me recently that I get to have a close encounter with my favorite Pinoy actor, John Lloyd Cruz once a year for the last three years.

Since 2008, all three encounters fell on the fifth month of the year. We’re halfway into May and while I am not really the “stick-to-traditions” type of girl, it would be so cool if this continues ’cause I’m a big fan of his movies. The last time I saw him, I told him he made me cry nonstop while watching Miss You Like Crazy.

A trip down memory lane:

2008: The production assistant trainee

During ASAP '08

During ASAP '08

Taking snaps after the show was part of the OJT experience. My co-trainees were shameless in approaching celebrities, so lucky me!

2009: The girl who attended the awards night

Star Awards 2009

Matching much?

I look so giddy here because I was introduced to him, finally (after a year).

2010: Laida Magtalas mode

One Evening

I come across sir Miggy Montenegro!

This, after hours of being Laida Magtalas. Next time, sundance na’to while still continuing the photo-op color scheme. Is it neutrals with a random pop of color? Haha. Shocks. I wanna watch a JLC movie right about now with a headset like turtle beach for better sounding audio. Serendipity sickness kicking in!



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  • elainey

    I heytchuuu! He’s mine! Haha

  • kringersz

    JLC is super gwapo in the 2008 pic. After a year, sakto lang.. In 2010, what happened. Calling Liz. Ooops! hehehe!

    • MM

      Oo nga. Bagay the hair sa 2008. Alamin natin sa 2011. Yown eh. ;)

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