Sambokojin and Serenitea Saturday

I said to myself that I will not buy from Serenitea for a little while, after yesterday’s Royal Milk Tea made me feel so full, almost thought that I won’t be able to eat dinner. On second thought it might be a good appetite suppressant, a slightly bitter, healthy alternative at that.


Royal Milk Tea with egg pudding

I failed because I ordered the exact same thing for today. Except that I wanted 75% of sweetness because Serenitea’s brew for me is quite… uhm, bitter? Another thing unplanned was Sambokojin for lunch.


Chapchae, Korean beef stew, tofu steak

Made a beeline to the cooked Korean food. The chapchae is so good. I wish I could have their beef stew as baon.


Marbled beef in sambokojin sauce, squid in bulgogi sauce and ox tongue

A must-try in Sambokojin is well, the sambokojin sauce. The marinated meats in sambokojin sauce are also worth cooking on the grill.


Kamameshi Rice

I love how they serve this separately. The best pair to all the raw meats!

I also got to try their sukiyaki. It was good but the eggs were missing. Skipped the Japanese section to make room for more ox tongues. This time, I didn’t feel like I won’t be able to walk because my stomach was so full. ;) Maybe I’d stuff myself with lots of salmon sashimi in another buffet (read: Spiral).

P.S. I blog about food too much, I should probably do some (“learn more adipex” articles for the benefit of readers who suddenly wanted to eat because of my food trips, haha!



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