Star of the Night

Obviously, Pepper Lunch is a favorite of mine. The kind of favorite that even when I have eaten there last week, I’d still find yourself lining up at the store for pepper rice just because I want to have a satisfying meal. The kind with a craving so strong, I’d walk to the nearest branch just to sizzle things my way.

And because for every favorite restaurant, there’s a favorite meal. This time, we decided to do away with our usuals and pick something new from the menu.

The geek had this:

Curry Beef Pepper Rice with Cheese

Curry Beef Pepper Rice with Cheese

He says it’s real good. I tasted it and since I’m no fan of curry, I didn’t appreciate it. The cheese was a surprise ingredient.

This was mine:

Sliced Angus Beef

Sliced Angus Beef

I love beef, and as much as I love beef pepper rice, I just had to try this. The beef was so tender, like there’s no need to chew. There were plenty of them slices on my plate that even as I have finished my cup of rice, I still had a slice of the beef that deserved to go along with three more spoonfuls of rice. Definitely my star of the night.

I have a literal star, though. I received this kyot orange pillow from the geek! ♥ It’s blue-eyed, too!

Star Pillow

Thanks to the geek for the star pillow!

P.S. I hoped the geek liked my gifts. No office gifts for him yet. Hope he liked the collectibles.



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