The Plight of the Introvert

Today, I am back to my 1CA2 self.
I liked/accepted/despised being alone. Yup, all of that at the same time.
It didn’t bother me then. After all, I was just a freshman who just couldn’t seem to adjust well to college life.
I’d like to think that was the perfect excuse. Aside from being an only child.
Things changed come 2CA2 life.
I was happier, more confident and sociable.

But today is different. I am my yuppie self.

I’ve been working for almost two years.
Isn’t this supposedly the time for the “2CA2″ moment to sink in? The second year?
Very much itching to climb the ladder, wanting to learn more.
Achieve more and earn more. *chuckles*

But seriously—
I am immensely bothered by these overwhelming feelings.
Not that there is nothing wrong with embracing “me-time” and “myself” so fully.
I think I might be surrounded by far too many extroverts lately that being the opposite gets to me the wrong way.
And changing just to conform is not on my mind.

You know I am not thinking like my normal self—
I am not stringing my sentences together to form paragraphs.
But this isn’t a literary piece worthy of acclaim, that’s for sure.
Last words per line don’t rhyme, there is no rhythm, no defined structure.
I just don’t want awkward transitions and lots of line breaks in between.

I just want to translate this feeling into words.



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