Two is Better Than One

I have two examples to prove my point (actually, I should probably say it’s Boys Like Girls’ point):

  1. Think Between Two
  2. It’s fun to think about two things at the same time, to get those brain cells working. That’s basically what Think Between Two is all about. You can expect posts that compare (e.g. rv insurance quote or regular insurance quotes) or posts dedicated to pairs (e.g. less than, greater than). Go and check it out!

  3. Cups of coffee

This time, I illustrate my example through photos. This is my espresso cup.

An espresso cup

My cute espresso cup

I get another one and this is what they look like in one frame:

Two espresso cups

Twogether. ♥

What a perfect pair! Do you agree with me now when I say that two is better than one?♥



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  • kat

    chessy!!! hahaha

    • MM

      Cute, diba? :)

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