Secret Fandom: Rania

Never mind that the intro reminds me of Sean Kingston’s “Take You There”. Or that my mom can sing along to the chorus with “Sweet Dreams” by Eurthymics as lyrics. Or that the video’s not really something you should watch. I admit that I have an LSS1 to Rania‘s “Dr. Feel Good” since the first time I heard it.

Rania before they became seven

Rania before they became seven (they're gonna be eight!)

Beyond the overly sexy (the word’s provocative, but it’s been associated with Rania ever since their music video came out) image that they portray, this girl group’s got it. They sing better than most groups (read: they don’t sound autotuned). The only letdown is that not all of them can sing live. I’m unsure if I should call them a KPop group because they sound so Western (but even KPop is Europop, honestly) and not everyone is Korean. Asian is more like it: there’s a Thai girl, a Japanese and a Chinese.


This is what they looked like when they debuted

First few seconds of the video and you’d almost expect camacho triple maduro cigars to grace the screen. Theme is the bad-ass-meets-sexy concept most KPop girl groups have done in the past, only that Rania did it IMC2-style—there was synergy, from the outfits, lyrics, down to the most noticeable part of it all, choreography. I agree with most opinions that the dance was too much, especially when you consider the fact that there are some members who are below 20 years of age. With a song as catchy as theirs, they don’t even have to shake their bodies that way. I like how the song sounds like but don’t even get me started with the lyrics. I don’t like cutesy concepts, but their video is over the top. To stand out nowadays is a challenge, and with the reasoning that they are also planning to conquer America might just be one of the many reasons why they even thought of executing that music video concept. But still, we just hope the young ones are not watching. It’s good though that in some of their recent performances, they changed their outfits and even made their choreography “more acceptable” publicly.

And because there are seven of them in the group, I still don’t have a name to every face. So far, I have matched two names with two faces. Jooyi is the girl with amazing vocals; she sounds like Christina Aguilera. On the other hand, Dee is the blondie who never sang live in performances. What a sad way to remember her. She always gets that comment. I guess there’ll always be someone in groups who still make the final cut despite not being able to deliver vocally (live) as compared to most of the group.

I have heard their other song “Masquerade”. It’s a strong second single—in English, if I may add. I just hope they tone it down a bit—they came off too strong with “Dr. Feel Good”. It makes coming out in the open as a fan of their first single a little awkward. Enough of the unnecessary suggestiveness, Rania might just scare away potential fans, including yours truly.

Photo credits: DR Music


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