Culinary Ambitions

Yesterday, it dawned on me that I wanna learn how to cook. For real. But since I don’t have the moolah to send myself to a culinary school (heck, I don’t even have the moolah yet to take MA Communication, boohoo!), I’ll transition to this slowly (and inexpensively).

Funny ’cause the other day I was looking for “how to lose weight” stuff online, I got so far that I even came close to “learn more colon cleansers” articles and shiz. Almost everyone I know is attempting to diet and I am not ready to join the bandwagon yet. Lazy to exercise is lazy.

So for starters, I’d like to know where to buy yummy Japanese mayonnaise ’cause I really like Teriyaki Boy’s Kani Salad. This looks fairly easy to prepare, but I have to find mayo that good.

Teriyaki Boy's kani salad

Teriyaki Boy's kani salad

And I also wonder what kind of sauce is put on dishes like teppanyaki. Need this for baon!

Teriyaki Boy's Yakimeshi Rice and Sukiyaki Beef Teppanyaki

Teriyaki Boy's Yakimeshi Rice and Sukiyaki Beef Teppanyaki

I like their Yakimeshi Rice because it tastes so “stir-fried”. LOL. I lived with that all throughout college life.

If you have any ideas what these are and where can I buy the ingredients/condiments at reasonable prices, let me know!



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  • kat

    mayo for kani salad buy ka ng japanese mayo sa grocery pero mahal nga lang parang close to 200? pero medyo malaki din naman yung container

    yung sauce for teppanyaki di ko alam haven’t tasted it yet kaya can’t decipher the ingredients. try google-ing it hahaha

    walng masyadong natulong haha

    • MM


      Basta hindi kasi maalat yung sauce, so hindi siya soy sauce. Minsan dun tayo magchikahan hehe. Thank you other! ♥

  • Anne

    There’s a tiny portion of Jap products in most groceries. A bit pricey but def worth it. What we only buy here is Jap flour (for tempura) becuase most of our condiments are brought by my aunt from Japan, and I have no idea what they’re called. Hehe.

    Not sure about the teppanyaki sauce pero usually, mixture of light soy sauce and mirin/sake lang yung ginagawa namin (same with cooking teriyaki and tempura dip), add ginger and sugar. =)

    • MM

      Will check groceries! :)

      Ohh… I also like that sauce! Waah. I wanna learn how to cook! :) Thanks for the help :)

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