Hypes I Don’t Get: Part Two

I can vividly recall that particular Saturday morning.

My college block is comprised of a majority of females and only a couple of males. Understandably, the guys formed their own group which went on all throughout college life (let’s call them Dreamboys™) Now what I don’t remember perfectly what year this took place, but it’s most likely junior year or senior year.

Through a text message, the entire class was informed that an unoccupied classroom with a laptop and projector will be our temporary meeting place for a class project.

As time went by in college, people had the tendency to be late. And who wouldn’t, when you still haven’t slept a good number of hours, the only escape from overthinking and stress. I hurriedly went to the classroom, thinking I was already running late.

I burst through the door, and what welcomes me was the sight of CA2 boys staring lovingly on the screen in front of them. They looked like they just got some hcg shots for weight loss? Dazed is indeed, dazed! Snuck a glance at whatever that is making them look like that, and realized they were a couple of minutes into the Korean movie My Sassy Girl. They were so into it, I nearly tiptoed my way inside the room, because they looked so into it (said that already, but hey!) that if I make a disturbing noise, they’d probably pause and rewind.

My Sassy Girl

My Sassy Girl poster

I have watched that Korean movie when I was in high school (and when it was the talk of the town). And I didn’t get why people were raving about the flick tremendously. Whenever I find out that a person likes this movie, I end up interrogating him/her. Most answers say that they found it to be romantic. And then quickly followed by “Ang ganda niya” (think Jericho Rosales delivery—ganong levels!).

I settled in an empty seat and snuck a stare at each of them with disbelief. Tried to focus on what’s happening on our makeshift screen. The guys didn’t get to finish their MSG watching (and they would probably find time to watch it again—for the nth time if I may add) but that must have made their dispositions that day better because a few minutes after, most of the block have arrived.

For me, the cute concept of destiny was overshadowed by the rude and irritating qualities of the girl. It’s inexplicable why I don’t like the female character for those who love the movie (the arrogance is something I find so hard to dismiss). Of course, as with most things, beauty shines through. It’s undeniable that the actress who played the role is pretty, and sometimes, appearances have a big say in perceptions. Although I do understand that acceptance plays a big role in relationships. Everyone deserves to be loved, right? I like cheesy flicks and romantic gestures and destiny-driven movies like Serendipity but not this one. Am I alone in this boat? Maybe for me, if someone cares and loves you like that, you’d change for the better. Malay mo maiba ang ihip ng hangin, diba? Like One More Chance. But that’s another story. I went to the theaters on that movie’s second week and completely thought then that I wasted almost two hours of my time. Until the re-runs on Cinema One were so frequent, there was no escaping Popoy and Basha. Eventually, I loved the movie. I’d like to think that John Lloyd Cruz played a big part in me liking the movie (his acting was superb), but as time went by it hit me that poking into the lives’ of a couple can be enlightening too.

Moving on,

Another movie I completely didn’t get the hype that surrounded it was (500) Days of Summer. Because it came out in the era of Facebook, I woke up to see my News Feed flooded with “raves” about this Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt starrer. Got to watch it and ended up yawning in most parts. Only thing I remember is the Expectations and Reality sequence. It makes me think that movies like this one need a certain mood for me to fully appreciate it.

Now I am reminded of a certain Thai movie called A Crazy Little Thing Called Love which has been a hit on my News Feed in the past few weeks. I’ve witnessed my friends recommending it to their circle and a few days after, I see someone posting another recommendation. I tend to forget what to watch, though, so I hope to find a copy of it and check it out.

And since we are on the topic of romances and relationships, there’s this particular short on YouTube entitled “Strangers, Again”. At first, I thought it was a remake of that old song by Cinema. It started really slow (I have a really short attention span, by the way. Five seconds with not so much happening on the screen can make me quit watching just like that) but got me teary-eyed in the end. OA. Haha. Not overhyping it for you, but here goes:

Enjoy watching!

Photo credit: My Sassy Girl‘s Wikipedia page



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  • Aja

    My Sassy Girl, liked; I guess you must focus on the lead actor, and not the sassy girl. Besides, her character really shouldn’t be liked in the first place, and that’s how you would see how pure his intentions were.

    One More Chance, didn’t get the hype at first; I admit I put stereotypes on local films. That was until you’ve made me watch this.

    (500) Days of Summer, still can’t get the hype even after having watched it twice.

    • MM

      I wanna rewatch it, but I must gather patience to read subtitles. Well, I watched Memories of Bali thrice with subtitles, so it’s possible.

      One More Chance is more like a movie that grows on you.

      Did not attempt to watch (500) Days of Summer again.

      • Aja

        …and if you’re going to watch A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, you really have to get used to watching with subtitles. :)

        • MM

          I know. I just don’t have the patience for TV series. And movies that don’t really tickle my fancy as the movie progresses.

  • Siegfried Kiel

    500 Days of Summer is the best art mainstream film. :)

    • MM

      This comment makes me want to look for that “certain mood”. =))

  • Marcelle Fabie

    MSG, I liked because I was rooting for the guy to end up with the (obviously hot) girl, although I wasn’t sure if the physical abuse was worth it. I also like Korean films and their quirkiness in general.

    500 Days was great in that it was non-linear and I could totally relate to the situations presented in the film. I hated the girl, though. Maybe I can relate to it a wee bit too much…

    As for One More Chance, let’s just say it’s in my shortlist for best Filipino films of all time. Mababaw ang luha ko. :P

    • MM

      Yeah, that. I found it too annoying (and I’m a girl. I should be taking her side, right? Haha!) And that line of hers is extremely annoying. I can’t remember that line though. Haha. What other Korean films have you watched and liked?

      I like non-linear films too, maybe their scenario was just confusing and complicated for me.


      • Marcelle Fabie

        I’ve loved Hundred Days With Mr. Arrogant, Windstruck, My Little Bride, and Sad Movie, off the top of my head. There was a time in my life where I was watching Korean movies non-stop, like at least two a day. Haha.

        500 Days is something I can relate to for all the wrong reasons. Summer’s character is a character I looove to hate.

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