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Mr. Taxi Promotional Photo of SNSD

Opening hour, in a place which seems to be Mall of Asia.

There were nine of them.

Nine of them escorted by guards. The group, clad in the same garb (and only differentiated by hairstyles), outnumbered the security personnel. The geek and I saw them walking. Geek stared in amazement at the nine girls. It dawned on me that Girls’ Generation/So Nyeo Shi Dae/SNSD was walking in front of us, each doing that wave that doesn’t really live up to the real meaning of the verb, aka one palm raised.

And there were borders on the floor. “Do Not Cross The Line”, it suggests.

Like a natural and professional fan girl that I am in real life, I ran towards the girls (they were in salmon shorts—think “Gee” Japanese get-up). I saw Seohyun looking at me and the geek. For some reason, there were no crowds.

Like a Communication Arts graduate that I am in real life, it crossed my mind that mumbling an English phrase would not get their attention. After all, would you care if someone shouted at you in a language you can barely understand? So I yelled something which I think (yes, still in real life), belonged to those terms that have become part of Korean idols’ world.

I locked eyes with the maknae and happily said:

“Seohyun, selca!!!”

And she obliged for a photo-op. In true MM fashion, I flipped the cam only to find out I wasn’t able to capture our smiles. On my phone’s screen is an image of a food kiosk nearby. I panicked. I MUST HAVE A PICTURE WITH GIRLS’ GENERATION, I thought.

The guards spotted me. So I tapped Seohyun and lifted my index finger as if to say, “One more.” There I was, completely aware that security might yank me away from the South Korean girl group, and still, I was conscious of my communication skills. My professors in college should be proud. So youngest Soshi stops on her tracks to pose with me again, and fortunately, the moment was captured.

One of the guards pulled me away from her, so I was again, relegated to the sidelines. They geek was still not in his element, he just stared at me in disbelief for what I have done.


The girls were chilling out in a living area of sorts, which to me is a makeshift lounge situated behind the mall’s event center. I made a run for them again and this time, Jessica met my eyes. And because Sica can understand and speak English, I told her, “Jessica! Can I take a picture with you?”. Click click. Beside her was Sooyoung. Click click. Right next to Sooyoung was Hyoyeon. I was about to pose with her when I saw Taeyeon seated in front of me.

“TAEYEOOOOOOON!” I dashed like Flo of Diner Dash to her direction.

And with that squeal, I caught the attention of the guards once again. One of them was about to approach me, but someone from their group stopped him from doing so. To cut to the chase, they unofficially allowed me to hang out with the girls. But basically, all I did was take pictures of them. Yes, even with Tiffany and her “eye smile”. All the other Pinoy fans were staring at us. I went back to where the geek was and happily showed him my pictures like a true blue SoNe.

And that, my dear readers, was my dream last night. Bow.



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  • Lei

    Nice dream! My dreams that have Super Junior in them are incoherent and super weird unlike yours. Hope to dream of SNSD too! haha

    • MM

      Yeah! If that were SuJu the selca thing would be a riot. They’re far too many compared to the girls! =))

  • Aja

    Now, where are the pictures?! Where~? D:

    Never had a dream about them… or at least one that I could remember. (:

    • MM

      If I had photos, I’m sure I don’t have a photo with Hyoyeon (because I left her for Taeyeon) and Sunny, for obvious reasons. Still, in real life, I will ask for a photo with the ~*aegyo queen*~, if only to have a complete photo collection of myself with the girls.

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