Same Old Brand New You

Pardon the A1 reference, but it is actually the appropriate title for this entry.

Earlier, I was into an interesting conversation with my co-workers about personality types. One of them shared that she used to be another type. Guess people really change. There was a point in my college life where I was so fond of taking personality quizzes (and I consistently get “my” type regardless of the personality system). My co-worker pointed out earlier that I must be so interested in finding out my identity, LOL.

Now I’m contemplating on what have changed. Reading journals are a big help in this trip to memory lane.

I’m really glad that I don’t overreact as I used to. But I miss writing like this: “I would be carrying a backpack tomorrow weighing a ton”. Heh.

Used to be easily overwhelmed with assignments, projects and responsibilities especially during high school. I hated modified true or false. Quite a perfectionist, still am now.

I’m better in video games than in real-life sports. Which reminds me of Pool Hustler! I miss that game. I just wish it had a billiards supplies shopping mode.

I still obsess over words; my appreciation for visuals has definitely skyrocketed. Short attention span is short. I still fondly look back at that time when Michelle Branch was relatively new; I picked up a guitar and attempted to learn how to play the guitar (I failed by the way). My admiration for Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic will never fail to impress me, although reality hits me with every single of his that becomes well, a hit, that I do not have what it takes to produce records.

I still don’t get most hypes.

I still yearn for something more. Three tracks that tackle this: “Fighting” by Yellowcard, “(There’s Gotta Be) More to Life” by Stacie Orrico and “Matter of Time” by Cartel. Yup, five words that start with T. How’s that.

I found so many funny stuff I wrote before but this cough-and-colds-combo is making it hard for me to think coherently and write properly.

How about you? Are you still the same old, brand new you?



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  • Red

    Hmm I guess I’ve changed too. But not much. :p

    I’m still a paranoid and a hypochondriac. I wish I get rid of those. Haha.

    • MM

      Weird ‘no? I guess the environment changes you din (work, for instance). :)

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