That Actor Named AJ

AJ Perez

Rest in peace, AJ Perez

I had the privilege to interview this charming kid (such a bagets back then!) for Candy Council of Cool’s minimag, around 4 years ago. He was 14 that time.

Interviewing AJ Perez

Interviewing AJ Perez with my fellow COC members. LOL, my expression here is made of win

Conducting interviews sometimes give me the jitters. For that instance, it was my first interview with a relatively new actor. I was slightly worried that we might be both nervous, I might not get anything worth publishing from him. But I was surprised. He was cool and collected, and without a yabang vibe at all. And may potential. I also remember him saying that he looks up to John Lloyd Cruz (good choice, AJ!). Needless to say, the interview went well. No wonder the magazine kept on getting him for various features after that.

While I rummaged through my files, I found my interview transcription with him. There were some that didn’t make the final layout (probably due to space constraints—heh, it’s a minimag!) like the one below:

MM: Your thoughts on love and crushes:
AJ: Take it easy. I know I’m still young and I’ve got a long way to go.

AJ Perez

A photo-op with AJ

It’s just sad that he was on his way to stardom (he’s one of those guys in Sabel), getting lead roles and such, the accident happened. May you rest in peace, AJ Perez.



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