Bibingka Soufflé and More

This week, the geek finally got a taste of my favorite dessert—Bibingka Soufflé by Classic Cuisine (C2).

Classic Cuisine's Bibingka Soufflé

Classic Cuisine's Bibingka Soufflé

I discovered this delicious dessert months ago, through my boss. He was already raving about the dessert even before the team have settled in our seats. I was impressed. It basically tastes like your good old bibingka only that it isn’t in the usual form and you have the bibingka batter as the sauce. Aside from bibingka (obviously), it also reminds me of brazo de mercedes (because of the egg white puff). I don’t mind shelling out Php 145 for this dessert. I just wish it wasn’t that sweet, though. And more cheese, please.

And while we are on the subject, I also like leche flan, specifically Krocodile Grill’s. And Arny Dading’s peachy-peachy with cheese topping. And Starbucks’ Oreo cheesecake. Sweet tooth much? I used to like this cake from Starbucks, too:

Starbucks' Heaven on Earth cake

Starbucks' Heaven on Earth cake

“Used to” because the next time I ordered this, it had a citrusy flavor to it. Weird. I wonder if it reverted to its plain, chocolate-y taste.

And speaking of chocolate, the weather is making me crave for Nestlé Heaven Belgian Chocolate Bliss. Ugh. Posts like this never fail to make me crave.



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  • Red

    Omg, matagal ko nang gustong itry yang Heaven on Earth!

    • MM

      It’s like chocolate mousse! Although yun nga, the second time I ordered it, may citrusy thing going on with my cake. :|

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