To Put It Simply

I don’t live under a rock but I only chanced upon this Nestlé Philippines‘ television commercial last Monday. The brand celebrates its 100th year in the country. Check it out:

A tear fell.

Goes to show that exploring the theme of (young) love can be as simple yet heartwarming as this. McDonald’s could’ve taken a similar route with their latest television commercial. Beyond the cuteness of it all, it could send a wrong message to kids, kids who do not have a complete grasp of what goes on in a relationship. We come from a different standpoint as adults, and it seems okay because we know it’s just “puppy love”. But the ability to identify and comprehend something as complex as love (romantic-wise) comes with age and maturity. Naks.

Still, despite the controversy they’re currently facing, the fastfood chain was able to come up with a touching commercial like the one above a few years back. Who could ever forget Karen, Gina and the lolo?

Re-watched it and noticed that it ends just like that. Lolo tells Karen that the other half of the burger is for his favorite apo and wraps it carefully. Karen looks at her lolo and smiles. No dramatic transitions, no background music change.

Indeed, the simple things can make an impact.



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