Pepero Please!


Pepero Nude, Pepero Almond, Pepero Chocolate

Everyday Pepero Day, puhleeez?

Was introduced to this yummy cookie stick coated in chocolate late last year, thanks to the geek who thought of celebrating Pepero Day, just like the Koreans. I have tried Pocky prior to this, and liked it. I find Pepero less sweet (and a bit thinner, but that’s just me), and liked it more than good old Pocky. So when I stumbled upon this Korean mart, I had to somewhat hoard. I bought my favorite and the Nude variant.

So this Nude variant tastes like wafer—nibbled on it while watching Binibining Pilipinas 2011. By the way, what did just happen to Patricia Tumulak last Sunday? I can’t believe she didn’t even make it in the top 5 when she was simply breathtaking that night. But I’m really glad for Isabella Manjon Jawline pa lang, winner na!

As for the Pepero, red box still gets my vote!



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  • Aja

    I like the almond crush variant. I bet the Pocky you had was the one from Thailand. Pocky from Japan tastes more bitter and better (but only a little bit) than Korean Pepero, and also a bit thinner than the rest. :P

    • MM

      Where do I find this Japanese Pocky? :) Aside from Japan, that is. Where here?

      • Aja

        Meron minsan sa mga SM at Landmark supermarket. Mahal nga lang yun. Nasa 100+ isang box. :( Basta look for the bigger box, and the one without “ThaiGlico”.

        • MM

          Really? Wow. But I love Pepero, it’s cheaper haha. How much was the Pepero you gave me? Curious ako if the K-marts here have the same prices.

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