Hainanese Chicken Craving

The other day, I made a beeline to Kenny Rogers Roasters to try their latest offering, hainanese chicken. My mom agreed on having dinner at KRR because at least, not everything on the menu is Asian, and that she can go for roasted chicken instead. I don’t know why she doesn’t like hainanese chicken; I find it awesome, really. It’s nothing grand, it looks like normal steamed chicken. As with first impressions, opinions change when you get to know more—when you get to taste the chicken and the rice that comes along with it, cooked in the same broth, and drizzles of chili, hoisin sauce and pounded ginger to complete the experience.

Much to my disappointment, their hainanese chicken was not available. What’s annoying though is the lack of the “Not Available” sticker on the menu board. We went around Robinson’s Galleria and found this seemingly new restaurant called Hainanese Delights. I smile, mom frowns. She must have felt my disappointment that she decided to check out the menu to see if there was something else besides hainanese chicken.

And this is what she ordered.

Hainanese Delights' Chicken Heaven

Chicken Heaven, in simpler terms, is your usual chicken barbecue

And this is my hainanese chicken.

Hainanese Delights' Hainanese Delights

Hainanese Delights' Hainanese Delights. This is not redundant.

The best thing about our dinner? Rice-all-you-can! Both of our orders came with two small scoops of chicken rice which looked like mashed potatoes (must be the broth). Finished my rice and I still had chicken left, so the promo was just perfect… for rice-loving pplz like me! Only downsides: rice wasn’t that flavorful and the thin flim of fat between the chicken skin and the meat is, well, too thin for me to feel its gelatinous texture. But it’s really good considering the price. For Php 120 pesos, you’re bound to be busog!



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  • Red

    Mahilig rin ako sa Hainanese Shickenz! :D

    • MM

      Shaaare! Na-try mo na ba yung sa Kenny Rogers? Paasa talaga. Pero masaya sa Hainanese Delights! Unli-rice!:D

  • Red

    Hmm di pa eh. Actually, sayo ko lang nabalitaan yung sa Kenny. :) Tatry ko pag napadpad ako dun. Haha! :p

    • MM

      Php 180 ata siya, as far as I can remember.

      Sana lang ay available siya! (disappointed pa rin, LOL)

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