Hypes I Don’t Get: Part One

hype. Slang
n. 1. Excessive publicity and the ensuing commotion

The context of “hype” in this topic is the “excessive publicity” of “mass media products” on social networking sites and forums.

I only wholeheartedly agree on one hype: Patricia Tumulak, candidate number 6 of Binibining Pilipinas 2011. She is my Binibining Pilipinas-Universe. For the record, we are not related, I have never met her personally, and I’m not a religious follower of beauty titlists, aspirants and pageants. I just came across her photos on the Internet, realized she’s a heavy favorite and told myself, “Ah, this Patricia Tumulak, there’s something about her…” Just take a look at her official headshots and you’d know what I mean. The message she was able to convey in her photos is “Koronahan niyo na ako, I’m ready for the Universe!” And just so you know, I don’t usually go for the usual choice, the always talked about, the favorite.

Latest official photo of Patricia Tumulak

Latest official photo of Patricia Tumulak

And since we’re in that line of thinking, let me share to you two watchables I find too hyped. Two for the meantime, because while writing this, another two came to mind and this entry will seem like a term paper if I put everything in this post.

McDonald’s BF-GF TVC
Here is the clip for your viewing pleasure:

This one comes off as something pilit (forced), seems to me that the concept banked on the natural tendency of people to associate kids with the adjective ‘adorable’ and the idea of young love. Nothing wrong with those ideas fused together, but the execution falls short. I felt like the kids just wanted to get it over with, or that what I was watching is an audition. I’m sure they could’ve done better production-wise.

What they said:

Girl: Girlfriend mo na ba ako?
Boy: Ayoko nga… ‘di pa ako ready eh.
Boy: Demanding ang mga girlfriend… gusto ganito, gusto ganyan… ewan!
Girl: Gusto ko lang naman ng McDo fries eh.
Boy: Talaga?

I remember sir Eros Atalia’s talk in last year’s So Write. He finds our teleseryes funny in terms of characterization. One of his examples was of kids who say something so mature or deep that if you weren’t looking at the boob tube you’d think it was some adult who said it.

I find the kids in this TVC cute, but appearance isn’t everything. Maybe “adults” find this cute because the lines are made for adults and delivered in an “adorable” manner. First Love is still something else. ♥

Photo credit: Raymond Saldaña (Patricia Tumulak) for BPCI

Stay tuned for part two (and possibly, three) of the Hypes I Don’t Get blog series.



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