Four Yummy Finds

Here is a post to summarize my latest food “adventures”:

Digman’s Halo-Halo
Somewhere in Cavite is a street where various branches of Digman’s Halo-Halo can be found. Each has a unique interior, setting, even signs. Same name, different “houses”. We stopped by one of them, and this is basically what they’ve got:

Digman's Halo-Halo

A Pinoy's fave, especially during summer!

Their preparation area has plenty of glasses with all the ingredients except milk and ice, to make service faster. Each ingredient has its own tray—an overflowing one at that. It’s as if there were mountains of sago, gulaman, nata and more at their counter. Their leche flan can be mistaken for cake with its size! Actually, that’s primarily what I

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Ice Blended White Chocolate Dream
In terms of taste, Starbucks and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf greatly differ from each other. I personally find the latter’s Ice Blended drinks to be richer and more flavorful than Starbucks’ equivalent, Frappucino drinks. But it’s the serving size that spells the difference.

Today, I chanced upon a treasure inside my overflowing drawer, and thanks to that, I got to taste White Chocolate Dream. I can taste the white chocolate, and I didn’t feel like they cut my drink short of the necessary ingredients. This drink is quite on the milky side, which makes me conclude that I like the blend of Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha more than this one. I probably just don’t like real white chocolate that much.

Pepper Lunch's Hitokushi Cut Steak

One of the steak items on the Pepper Lunch menu

Pepper Lunch’s Hitokushi Cut Steak
Since I got to try it late last year, Pepper Lunch instantly became part of my favorites list. Even when we were in Bangkok, I was looking for it in the mall. There it was at Central World but my little cousin already made a beeline to KFC.

It’s not just me, actually. I even made one of my friends go crazy about it—her first and second Pepper Lunch dates was with me. The geek is also like me now, sometimes hopelessly craving for pepper rice at random. I’ve lost count how many times we have had dates in different Pepper Lunch branches. And of course, my mom and I have spent so many times in Pepper Lunch.

So last week, we were looking for a place to eat in SM Megamall but to no avail. Until I told my mom Pepper Lunch. The clincher? We had to walk from SM Megamall to Shangri-La Plaza just to have our pepper rice fix! We thought it was high time to try something new off the menu, so my mom chose the Mixed Seafood while I ordered the Hitokushi cut steak.

Pepper Lunch food is also the hardest to photograph. If you really feel the need to take photos of your meal while it’s sizzling, you must act on this impulse quickly, else you’d end up with burnt or unevenly-cooked food.

It was a slightly exciting change, as the beef is thicker. Some pieces were hard to chew. I’d rather go for my good old beef pepper rice, or probably work my way up the steak choices at Pepper Lunch.

Goto Garahe's goto and tokwa't baboy

Goto and tokwa't baboy by Goto Garahe

Goto Garahe
Had this just this Sunday. This one’s the usual rice porridge, but not the typical goto one would expect (with the err, goto pieces. I’m not really sure what you call it). The tokwa’t baboy is also quite different, if I am not mistaken, the baboy used for the side dish is lechon kawali.

How about you? What are your recent food discoveries?



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  • jeroen

    Thank you for introducing us to your mom and friends and of course for going out of your way by walking from mega mall to Shangri-la! PL is Love!

    We are opening a branch in Mega Mall by july!

    Follow us on twitter @PepperPhil or visit our pepper blog (part of our website) regularly for promo and new store updates! :-)

    • MM

      Thank you for bringing Pepper Lunch in the Philippines! :)

      Can’t wait for the Megamall branch! And a branch somewhere in the north, please?

      Already on my followed list! :)

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