On Bb. Pilipinas 2011 and Patricia Tumulak

I don’t usually go for the heavy favorite, but Patricia Tumulak is an exception.

Patricia Tumulak

The very queenly Patricia Tumulak's official headshot

In just a matter of days, we’ll find out who will represent the Philippines in Miss Universe and Miss International pageants, respectively. I’m not really into these things although I enjoy watching the coronation nights on TV, but my interest for this year’s edition of Binibining Pilipinas started when I watched their screenings online. It’s the first in the history of the pageant to document and make public the applications/screenings, and everything else, until pageant night.

Out of the hundred applicants, 40 girls were selected as official candidates. I don’t know if this is another first in the history of the pageant, but if my memory serves me right, all the coronation nights I have watched on TV only showcased around 25-30 candidates. There are still controversies of course: disqualification here and there. As of this writing, four girls are out of the competition. All of them were said to have sexy photos. It’s a mystery why it is a ground for disqualification (some of which aren’t that revealing and done in good taste), and the timing is more often than not, in the middle of training and preparations for the pageant.

It’s gonna be an exciting coronation night come April 10. There are plenty of pretty faces in this batch. Isabella Manjon, Sabrinne Al–Tawil (a dead-ringer for Nanette Medved), Carolyn Ty, to name a few. There are also two candidates who happen to be sisters: Elizabeth and Sarah Clenci. Last year’s first-runner up Dianne Necio is also making a comeback. Interestingly, she resigned only this year. Hmm.

Anyway, let me (re)introduce you to my bet, Patricia Marie Tumulak.

Patricia Tumulak

Looking fierce!

Patricia Tumulak

This girl knows how to work it!

Patricia Tumulak

I call this pose "Masakit ulo ko pero ganda ko pa rin" pose. LOL

She won Miss Philippines-Fire in 2009. She’s also a freelance model and professional makeup artist, and is/was/will be a preschool teacher (sorry, I’m not really sure, haha).

With the hype she’s been getting, she’s clearly one of the frontrunners. While I am not claiming to be a beauty pageant expert who will attempt to make comparisons to other international title holders and all that jazz, her determination to win shows in the way she projects and carries herself. Pictures pa lang niya, o! I’m not a pageant aficionado like I said earlier, but she stands out among all the other candidates in this year’s Binibining Pilipinas.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t mention Miss World in the first paragraph, it’s because Binibining Pilipinas contract for MW has ended. There will be a new pageant called Miss Philippines World to select the Philippine representative to Miss World.

Photo credits: Raymond Saldaña (1st and 4th) and Niccolo Cosme (2nd and 3rd) for BPCI



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  • will

    i totally love her!!! She’s my favorite. As expected BPCI always make mistakes in choosing the winners…. You are the real winner Patty!!!

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