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It’s a lazy Saturday and I have spent an hour and a half reading news online. Since the Japan earthquake, I found myself more curious than ever. Let us continue praying for them and everyone else’s safety.

Anyway, I was planning to blog something else (it’s a rant actually, but it was solved already so it’s all good) so I’ll just share to you my finds from last week. I found myself raiding the shelves of Skin Food in search of products that are more or less Php 500 in value. I ended up discreetly doing this -> O_O while I walked past more beauty products and the like. My online research is indeed true—Skin Food in Manila is overwhelmingly expensive. Bloggers and other local sites sadly report this fact on their online spaces, but that isn’t surprising at all, knowing that imported products come with a hefty price tag and exorbitant taxes. If you find yourself in Korea then that’s your cheapest bet (excluding airfare and all expenses that come with traveling, of course).

You might ask why I even bothered going to a physical store. Well, I need to use my gift certificate already which is bound to expire this month. I ended up buying these two:

Skin Food Shea Butter Hand Lotion

Skin Food Shea Butter Hand Lotion

Skin Food Nail Vita

Skin Food Nail Vita in BL513

*I haven’t tried the hand lotion yet. The nail polish is a winner!

According to the label, it has vitamin and keratin nutrients. It also claims to cover your nail in one quick coat. With this and the price tag (it retails here at Php 185), my expectations are as high as Petronas Towers in Malaysia. Seriously. I don’t shop regularly for nail polish but from what I know, nail polish here is priced around Php 40 to 50. I had it applied last weekend and I wasn’t disappointed. One coat is actually enough and the color looks just as it were inside the bottle. This now goes to my future shopping list for Korea. I’m no super duper fan of KPop here (moderate is the word—for now) but Korea is now on my list of must-visit places. I wanna go to Myeongdong! I wanna be overwhelmed by Korean appetizers every meal! And most of all, I wanna experience winter, even cold weather in Korea!



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