The Return of the Comeback

What I had last Thursday is not quite like Simple Line but good enough for the price and the additional stuff in it (it has chocolate pudding and sago).

First heard of Quickly‘s milk tea when I was still a Candy Council of Cool girl. Kept hearing it from the Candy editors until it was phased out. I didn’t even know it’s back until I chanced upon the menu board at SM Mall of Asia. I just had to try. I’m happy I did.

Quickly menu

Quickly menu. Assorted pudding available also! Woohoo!

And this is Saturday:


Hello, round 1.

Sambokojin's Kamameshi Rice

Very flavorful Kamameshi Rice

Sambokojin's sauces and appetizers

My favorite sauces are the sambokojin sauce, the spicy sauce and teriyaki sauce. I have no room for appetizers that's why it looks untouched.


Always the best part for someone who's clueless in cooking


Orange plating: my favorite salmon sashimi, a random maki and tempura

Buffets are love, but you have to be prepared for battle. Especially with Sambokojin—excellent cooked food to go along with grilled meats. My suggested preparations: jog around Eastwood n times or skip meals.


More of them raw meats


K-food: Chapchae, Korean beef stew and spicy squid


My usual buffet dessert, ice cream and mallows

What a food-filled weekend. *burps*



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  • Claud

    Sarap ng ice cream please!

    • MM

      Oo masarap!!!

  • Louie

    The last time I was in MOA, bibili sana ako sa Quickly, but the guy who was making the drinks was servicing another customer, tapos ang tagal, and I was really thirsty, so I settled for a bottled water na lang.

    I’ll try to find that Sambokojin resto. Mukhang masarap.

    • MM

      Ohh. Ako naman when I first saw the stall, madaming tao. Nung dinaanan ko ulit, wala na kaya mabilis lang.

      Currently, Sambokojin has two branches. One in Eastwood and the other along EDSA (where Dad’s, Saisaki and Kamayan are). :)

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