Today’s the last day of the promo coupon that came with the Starbucks planners for this year. I tried something new today and it tastes great, thanks to Katz and Jason. Yeah!

Starbucks Iced Latte

Awesome discovery!


Anyway, I’d like to share the homily yesterday. According to the priest, “Prayer, work and recreation make up the rhythm of life”. What he means: there is a time for prayer, a time for work, and a time for recreation.

“One at a time,” he continues. If you pray, you just pray. You don’t mix work with recreation. Your focus should only be directed to one activity at a time. While that seems hard especially in this day and age where multi-tasking seems to be a requirement, it makes sense. Less mistakes and better output is what we will most likely attain if we pay full attention to one project at a time.

Earlier, I tried to focus on work as work. The only thing that makes work not work is the freedom to mindlessly surf the Internet. After all, we need to know what’s going on. I like reading too much that sometimes I realize I might be taking so much time with it. Props to my responsible self! I’m pretty much the type who likes to accomplish things way ahead of time, so there wasn’t much to change with my ways, really. Sometimes it’s fun to click through sites, though.

Today was a moderately busy day. Apart from my usual duties, I just tried my best not to read too much online. Doing so made me feel more productive while in the office. But I think I could focus only when it’s moderately busy (read: after deadline and weeks before deadline).



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  • Ava Tan

    Hi MM! Anong drink ito? =D I’ve been looking for a new drink to try sa Starbucks. :P

    • MM

      It’s a latte with hazelnut syrup :)

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