(K)Pop!: Part One

I never really paid attention to KPop until I met somebody who was so into it. I don’t get the fuss; it automatically comes with musicians with languages I can’t understand. And I had this stigma of Meteor Garden. While I watched the show on ABS-CBN 2, it failed to make me a fan of F4, and during those days I would scratch my head and say, “Seriously, 10K to watch 1/2 of the boy group live?” Good thing I wasn’t a fan, that sure is expensive!

I chanced upon Super Junior’s video on MYX called “It’s You” (Dance Version). Take note, Dance. Version. I let out a chuckle when the title of the song and the artist was displayed on the screen. All they did was dance, so yeah, I get it, dance version. The tune was so catchy, I knew I had to find it.

Super Junior

I still don't know how they manage to fit in photos.

Our conversation went like this:
M: Anong album ng Super Junior andun yung “It’s You”? Gusto ko siya.
(What Super Junior album is “It’s You” in? I like the song)
A: I’ll find which album. May English lyrics ba? Baka may naaalala kang lines.
(Do you remember lines from the song?)
M: Meron (Yes). “Oh, oh”.

Moving on…

The first two KPop artists to ever be included on my playlist are Super Junior and SNSD/Girls’ Generation (I started listening to them in 2009). Despite the language barrier, I liked their songs because most of it are catchy, Europop-ish (which I like, by the way), which is no surprise because some songs are composed by non-Korean composers. “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”, for instance, is composed by a Norway-based songwriting team, Dsgn Music.

Girls' Generation/SNSD

Girls' Generation/SNSD

Anyway, enough of details overload. I just figured that it is time for me to discover new KPop artists (and I’m getting all impatient for a new SNSD single that is sung in Korean), so I asked the geek to fill me in with all the artists he knows and recommend. Only condition was the genre. It has to be similar to those two I have mentioned, and not much of rapping.

As of the moment, I like Kara. I found a new girl crush in Park Gyuri, but her height is a let-down compared to all my other girl crushes. Think Solenn Heussaff (I used to really like her pre-Survivor days) and Blake Lively. Also found out that Gyuri regards herself as a goddess, and while I hate over confidence most of the time, I have to agree wholeheartedly. And I still like her even after reading about that. Yup, she is that gorgeous.



Photo credits: SM Entertainment (Super Junior and Girls’ Generation) and DSP Media (Kara)



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  • Aja

    I think everybody got confused whether they liked Miss A’s Breathe or not. LOL I was weirded out at first, but it eventually grew upon me. :P

    • MM

      I’m unsure based on that video and the other one. :p

  • Claud

    I still don’t know how they manage to fit in photos.

    • MM

      I feel bad for them especially in music videos. Wide angle for the win. :( Hahaha. :P

  • Jason

    V.I.P., Hesitant E.L.F., Hottest, Boice, Cassie, Kamilia and a Die-Hard SONE, here. (and all in all a Kpop Fan)

    I used to love Jpop at first but since I discovered (accidentally) Kpop through my best friend, I got hooked on the stuff. Argh. Nothing like a bunch of girls and guys dancing to addictingly-catchy tunes that make you want to learn the language and diction so that you can sing along.


    As for a recommendation, For entertaining boybands, 2PM, TVXQ(Yunho and Changmin Ver.),Shinee, or B2st.
    But if you want ballads and smooth singing, 2am, C.N. Blue, F.T. island.

    but hey, you can choose all if you want to. muhaha. kekeke~

    • MM

      Which ones don’t have rap? :)

      P.S. I only learned yesterday that KARA fans are called Kamilia. Kung hindi ko nalaman magtataka siguro ako sa comment mo. :)

  • Jason

    The ones that don’t have rap are 2AM(because they like to consider themselves as balladeers and the complete opposite of 2PM) and F.T. Island, (check Love,love, love)

    As for the others, they all have members that rap like:

    2PM – Taecyeon, Nichkhun
    TVXQ – U-Know Yunho
    Shinee – Minho, Key
    B2st – Junhyung
    CNBlue – Yonghwa

    • MM

      Naloka ako sa pinanggalingan ng 2AM at 2PM. Hahaha.

      Anyway, sige. Minimal rapping is fine with me. Hiphop is not my thing. :P

      • Jason

        hahaha. then i think Bigbang ain’t for you. Especially GD&TOP, go for Taeyang(Wedding Dress).

        • MM

          Yay, will check that one out. How about sa girls? :P

          • Jason


            SNSD parin.
            pero kung mejo something new, might I suggest T-Ara(check bo peep, why are you being like this), Kara(Lupin, Wanna, Mister, Jumping), After School (Bang!) may hint of Rap, but not classified as HipHop. hehe

          • MM

            Ang sama ng LSS ko sa “Lupin”. As in naiisip ko siya randomly while at work! Gusto ko din maknae nila. Haha parang sa SNSD lang, Taeyeon (leader) and Seohyun (maknae). Hehehe.

  • Jason

    Si Jiyoung? weeeee. crush ko din yan. Pati si Hara and Nicole. too bad they’re having problems with their agency with them, disbanding. :( I hope not.

    • MM

      Sino ba si Nicole dun? Hehe. Feeling ko kaya gusto ko si Hara kasi nadala ng ponytail sa Lupin. :P Saka bagay sa itsura niya yung ganung makeup.

      Oo nga eh. :(

  • Aja

    Kung After School na lang rin, Neo Ddaemune (Because of You) try mo pakinggan. Medyo galit lang yung kanta (galit because of “you”) pero maganda. :P Saka tama yung sabi ni Jason, may rap pero hindi hiphop. :)

    T-ara pala try mo yung Yayaya. Nakakainis na nakakaLSS :lol:

    • MM

      Ilang albums na After School?

      How do you read T-ara? Intentional ba yun dahil may Kara na? :)

      • Aja

        Like the headdress, tiara, not tara. :)

        I think After School has released 4 physical singles/EPs + a couple of digital singles.

        • MM

          Ok ok copy!

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