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Often I’ve been told that I can’t keep my cool. Actually, the things I say aren’t hurtful at all, most of the time it’s the cold truth that most people won’t blurt out loud. I almost always end up speaking my mind. Like when someone pushes their way among the crowd or when someone cuts in line, you are bound to hear a remark from me telling exactly what you did. But promise, I am trying to shut up instead of letting my mind speak. That’s why “My Stupid Mouth” is one of my favorite songs. This quirk of mine made me think that what I am doing can be a pet peeve to others… and it dawned on me that I have plenty of them pet peeves. Here’s a quick enumeration:

Caught in the middle
Those in the middle who suddenly stop in their tracks or are having a healthy discussion in the middle of a busy place. It’s not really something for me to complain if you just don’t walk as fast as I would like you to, but it really irks me when there are people who walk like they are at a park and appreciating the surroundings. It’s really irritating not having enough “foot space” in front of you when you’re walking. Walk leisurely all you can if you are in Luneta but if you are walking near an MRT station or it’s a 3-day weekend sale at SM, please…

Keep right
I don’t know why Filipinos are not accustomed to this. Some countries are strict with this “policy” that if you end up in such places, you’d be yelled upon by the locals for blocking the way of people who are in a hurry. Seriously, there are some people who want to get to their destinations a little faster than you do, so please, please, follow directions.

Personal spaces
It would be understandable if people unknowingly do this (and act on it when it sinks in), but if it’s intentional or uncalled for (like squeezing yourself next to the person and you’re in an empty field), it’s really disrespectful.

Hygiene check
People who don’t cover their noses when they sneeze in public. Oh please. Sure beats otc appetite suppressants, especially when done near a food kiosk.

Tensed with tenses
The ever common mistake “did not verb+ed”. I do commit mistakes too but this is all too common.

Misuse of #TrendingTopics
#doyoueventhinkthatwilltrendenoughsaid and #youarenotonTwittersostopdoingthistoallyourupdates

Haha, some are pretty shallow but we all have our own pet peeves. What are yours?

P.S. I have the Google Friend Connect widget on the sidebar! :)



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  • Claud

    Correct ang #2, lalo na sa stairs! Ugh.

    I love misusing hashtags naman! Sorry please! But it’s weird kasi private naman yung account ko, ‘di rin naman makikita. Walang sense lang. Hahaha!

    • MM

      Hindi ko kasi na-stress na sa aking pagkahaba-habang hastag na every tweet may phrase na hina-hashtag yung ayaw ko na “#doyoueventhinkthatwilltrendenoughsaid”. :P That’s what I meant. No worries. :)

  • Anne

    Haha agree with everything but guilty with #hashtagging ’cause it’s fun! :p

    • MM

      Yes it is! Excessive use lang talaga ayaw ko. Yung tipong every tweet merong ibang hashtag. Haha. :P

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