Catching Up

I don’t know what’s gotten to me, but ever since I started working, watching American TV series suddenly became chucked out of the schedule. Trying my best to get it back into my cycle (since I have survived the last two years of college watching Gossip Girl BEFORE writing my papers, LOL).

What I like about the show, aside from the illusions of grandeur it provides for a whole 40 minutes, are the clothes. I love the way both female leads dress. Sometimes, I also like Jenny’s style. And oh, Blake Lively is my girl crush. :P Blake can wear anything, I bet she can even rock apple bottoms!

As of this writing, I am currently on the sixth episode of the fourth season. Blair Waldorf got me laughing with her lines for the third and fourth eps. And Little J is back! Wow. Btw, no spoilers please!


Speaking of fashion, I got nice pairs of earrings from my uncle! :)

Pearl earrings

Dangling pearls

Pearl earrings


What do you think? Is it more S or more B?



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  • Claud

    M-tot. Yung first paragraph, walang right parenthesis and period. Hihi. “Di ako makakatulog. Chos :)

  • Claud

    I mean, ‘di ako makakatulog nan. Hihi, kidding. :P

    • MM

      Hahaha nakalimutan kong tapusin yung paragraph. What the. :)) Thanks!

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