Me Time

Since yesterday’s adventure was simply a personal fangirling experience, I was on my own.

Like what I said in the previous post, I was too early, so I had to face 5 hours of waiting.

The thought of staying at Powerbooks to read all afternoon (topics I thought of reading about ranged from management jobs to inspirational books) was a good idea, but not until I remembered that Powerbooks have already relocated to Mega B, therefore occupying a smaller space. I highly doubt there’s still room for people who just want to read the opened books, so that idea was scrapped.

I just decided to window shop and well, shopped for real.


Shirts at an affordable price!

After an hour, I realized I was able to go around all floors (except lower ground). It’s tiring I tell you. Time for a late lunch!

El Pollo Loco

<i>Dahil ang tunay na babae, nag-eextra rice</i>. Actually, my combo meal comes with two sides and I don't eat the sides they have there, so I just settled for two orders of Spanish rice

I was so full, I regretted leaving El Pollo Loco right away (also, I didn’t not finish my rice). Thought of having another Mega lap, until another idea hit me: go to Robinson’s Galleria. By foot.

The heat of the sun was unbearable, good thing I had my umbrella with me. I feel pity for those walking without one. Some even have jackets on their heads to shield their faces from the sun. The walk from SM Megamall to Robinson’s Galleria took me 10 minutes. Not bad, really, but it’s the summer-ish sun that made the walk a challenge.

Thankfully, there was an FX Terminal to Megamall from Galleria. Travel time is less than 5 minutes! Went straight to Mega Atrium and settled in a seat to rest and wait.

All in all, I can say that it’s fun to have some Me Time once in a while.



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  • Claud

    At dahil dyaaan, date tayo hahaha

    • MM

      Oo nga! Lezzgow!

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