Turning Korean

I, together with one of my teammates got promoted this year. We weren’t able to treat our team last month, so we decided on having it on Valentine’s.

We went Korean at Ye Dang in Ortigas.

Ye Dang


I am totally new to Korean cuisine. I’m saying this even though I have been to Sambokojin the day before (and I ate more Japanese food than Korean, so there). Anyway, I was taken aback by the number of plates on our table. There were so many appetizers, and upon researching I found out that this is really how it’s like in Korea. It must be a real chore to wash dishes there.

Ye Dang


Ye Dang

Appetizers galore

Ye Dang

And more!

There was chap chae yesterday that I didn’t get to taste. One of the reasons why I will go back to Sambokojin. Ye Dang’s version is delicious!

Ye Dang


Then, always the fun part for me, grilling.

Ye Dang

Beef slices

Ye Dang


It was my first time to try samgyupsal too (or not, it’s basically fatty pork slices wrapped in lettuce or perilla leaf, and I have eaten grilled fatty pork slices before). So I attempted to roll one, but failed. It was so messy to do. I just ate them all without having to wrap them.

Ye Dang

My poor attempt. LOL

I’m not fond of sweet viands, but I really liked their Korean Beef Stew. The sweetness/saltiness blends so well together.

Ye Dang seems to be a known Korean resto in the area—there were lots of them Koreans having lunch that time. Price is also affordable, the chapchae order was plenty for us five. The rice (which was so sticky) made us feel so full, too. A perfect way to energize us throughout the day as we go back to the Jenna Rink world. At this rate, I might be needing weight loss supplements. Pigging out too much!



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  • Lei

    Try Minato which is near UA&P. Their side dishes are superb! Kimchi pancake, egg rolls, etc!!! And you get to use authentic Korean flat chopsticks and that long handled spoon. kekeke! And there’s free pineapple for dessert!

    • MM

      Ooh! Imma check that one out. How about non-Korean places, something Asian, any recommendations? :)

      We also had free pineapple (I just don’t eat pineapples that’s why there wasn’t any mention of it). :)

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