Hairstyling Like No Other

My eyebrows are far from perfect. It’s almost next to invisible, and it has become something I’ve gotten used to. Putting on too much brow powder makes me feel like I’m not myself when I check my face in the mirror.

But then, a good discount came by Deal Grocer. It is my second group buying purchase, the first one was a really good offer at Bubble Tea (in another site). I have heard so many things about Browhaus. One of my bosses even had her brows done there, and it’s like she’s had those brows since forever.

Browhaus Manila

Isn't this cute?

I bought a coupon and waited for a couple of weeks to have my eyebrows done. Why? I was no longer sure whether my current eyebrow shape is the right one for my face, so I had to grow it out to have them reshaped properly at Browhaus. Good thing for bangs, the stray, unruly hair was hardly noticeable.

Everything went by so fast (and that explains why I don’t have photos). Counter for the details, submarine-like room, short chit-chat with my attendant, threading. My attendant explained that their thread is made out of 100% cotton which results to less pain in threading. This was my second threading experience and I have to say that the thread really does wonders.

Even after the actual threading, my attendant plucked stray hairs and even trimmed some of my brows—yes, they were that meticulous to achieve that set of perfect eyebrows.

Currently, they have two branches in the metro: one in Serendra and the branch I visited, Greenbelt 5. It’s worth a visit specially if you think your eyebrows need some “stylin'”. They also offer tinting (told you it’s really hairstyling) and they even have this service called Brow Resurrection. According to their website, the will reconstruct your brows from root to tip, and the results are semi-permanent. This, however, is on the expensive side, much like your payment for car insurance companies, maybe?

As for my brows, I am not complaining. It’s pretty much a good deal. Just hope I could maintain the shape so I don’t have to spend so much for my almost-non-existent brows. :)

Photo credit: Browhaus Manila on Facebook



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  • Tamz

    Hi MM. It’s me, I hope you remember me?

    Anyhow, I have scarce brows too (despite the thick hair) and I admit to using brow powder/wax though I use minimal just as to make them look natural. I just fill in my brows rather than “draw” my brows.

    There is this book you might be interested in, it gives a detailed info on what brow shape suits what face shape.

    • MM

      HELLO TAMZ! :D Of course I remember yooooooouuuuu! How are you na? :)

      I don’t know how to “draw” brows but I’ve always found it to be awkward. And if you go one day without your “drawing,” people would probably think there’s something wrong with your face. LOL

      Thanks, will check that out :)

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