Completely Bowled Over

With my barkada, our typical get-togethers are usually lunches in malls or an afternoon spent in someone’s house. I don’t know what came into Jo’s mind, but she suggested we go bowling. It’s a good thing everyone was game. I’m a casual, average player and my score barely reaches a hundred, and it’s a sad fact since I’m consistently one of the low scorers in my family. It’s comforting to know that some of my friends haven’t even tried playing this ever.

The new bowling lanes at SM North EDSA Annex (the building is now called City Style, by the way) was a nice upgrade from their old bowling center. But it was so far away (well, if you are coming from TriNoma).

But before this activity, the geek and I first had lunch at Bacolod Chicken Inasal.

Bacolod Chicken Inasal's Paa part

It's between petso and paa

Bacolod Chicken Inasal's Sarap ng Buhay

Yes, that's the name of the meal

Bacolod Chicken Inasal's Sizzling Gambas

I love sizzling gambas. This is yummy but the presentation could be better. But hey, it's delicious, and that is more important

No pictures of us in action since we were too busy hitting strikes and spares… not. In one of the frames, I threw my first ball and when I was about to get my second ball, Aja gave me some pointers that I immediately followed, something to do with my walking toward the line and releasing the ball… and realized the pins are just about to be cleared by the machine. The ball hit the rail and went back and I missed the turn. It was so embarrassing, people saw it making its way back to our area.

After our bowling session, we had dessert at The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt.

The White Hat Frozen Yogurt

OUR favorite yogurt place! ♥

The White Hat Frozen Yogurt

He likes them with almond streusels

The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt

In the absence of regular mochi, marshmallows are the next best topping!

For such a tiring activity, the froyo was enough to keep me from thinking about a heavy meal. After all, for us, it’s the best froyo in town (and Red Mango is my close second).

Guess what’s our next bonding activity? We’re gonna tour SM malls because ice skating is next! :)



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  • Louie

    I had bowling back in college. It was fun. It was my most favorite PE class. But the one that I had was the duckpin variety. And the bowling alleys where we played weren’t equipped with the latest technology. As in mano-mano pa ang pagtatayo ng mga pins. LOL. I almost hit one of the guys who worked there with a ball, and then, he accused me of cheating. Buti di nakarating sa instructor. I’m sure I blogged something about it, gonna find that one in my backups. LOL. God, remembering that is making me laugh so much.

    I wanna go bowling again. My friends planned to go to SM North Edsa or MOA to play, but until now, they’re just plans.

    • MM

      Hahaha! =)) Madami talagang possible bowling bloopers. :))

      The one at SM North is okay, hindi ko pa nakita sa MOA. :) We’re gonna ice skate soon naman! :))

      • Louie

        I was there last Tuesday. I wanted to skate or bowl. Kaso, I was with my Mom and her relatives. They would just dismiss the idea, kaya di na rin ako nagtanong. But I didn’t wanna skate or bowl alone. In the end, naglibot na lang ako magisa.

        Oh, BTW, they changed SM North EDSA Annex’s name to City Style? I prefer The Annex.

        • MM

          Lalo na skating. :P

          Yep based on one comment I read on their Facebook page. City Style and City Block (The Block).

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