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I really enjoy drinking coffee. In fact, I wasn’t drinking milk when I was little. I only started drinking milk at the onset of adolescence, with the thought (more like hope) to grow taller (I do drink regularly now for calcium).

Starbucks Coffee is one of my favorites, but I could not afford it every single day. Late last year, they launched Starbucks VIA Ready Brew locally which is basically instant Starbucks. I still didn’t buy it (I don’t have an idea whether it’s good or not). Yesterday I got free VIA packs, all three kinds! Yay! The Ready Brew line consists of these three: Colombia (Medium), Italian Roast (Extra Bold) and Decaf Italian Roast (Extra Bold).

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew

I can't wait to sample all three!

As of this writing, I have sampled Italian Roast and Colombia. The Italian Roast is the Extra Bold one which lives up to its name. Even after a generous helping of Coffee-Mate, the coffee’s strong brew reigned supreme. Casual coffee drinkers would probably appreciate the Medium and the Decaf better. Medium is the closest to the NescafĂ© I have at home, but the distinct Starbucks coffee smell is still there.

The sachet’s size is also very convenient, but do note that this is not 3-in-1 coffee. You still need to pack your favorite creamer and preferred sugar if you’re bringing this with you. I made the mistake when I prepared coffee at work. It’s a good thing I keep extras in my drawer!

This is a tipid version of Starbucks best served on their Starbucks Clear To Go tumbler. You just have to write your name and voila, it’s as if you bought it directly from the coffee shop. ;)

I have an additional photo, but it’s for my Project 365.



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