With all the UST Quadricentennial thingamajigs going on, my mind transported me back to my college years. Those days, projects take so much time and sleep was a luxury. It’s fine to look grumpy because everyone is. You can throw any idea to the table, crappy or otherwise, because that idea will eventually be improved, either by yourself or by your groupmates who also need to pass the subject.

Despite not getting enough sleep and rest, I sometimes managed to write a blog entry or two about almost anything then. The Gerald Anderson look-alike from Engineering who wanted to stay under my umbrella. The UST Growling Tigers fangirling saga. My reactions for each Gossip Girl episode until each season break. I didn’t care what the reader would think, I completely wrote for myself, to express myself. I am too lazy to write long paragraphs about how my day went or how I felt so bad not perfecting an exam (because I am grade conscious like that) on pen and paper, so I really consider my blog as the space for it.

I read my old posts from time to time. In comparison, the way I’m writing now seemed like I was holding things back. I’m getting too editorial even in my own blog with the way I write, and that can either be good (I’m careful, and even if I am not exposed to editorial work, ethics was taught in college) or bad (I limit myself in writing when there isn’t pressure involved, i.e. deadlines, and there’s nobody to check and approve your work).

It makes me feel I have grasped magazine writing so easily, with all these rules and formats stuck in my head. Sometimes I could churn out a short feature article in about four hours, with no mistakes, all details in, and perfectly fits the audience of the publication the writeup is for. Of course, I am not claiming that I have perfected magazine writing for all the local publications we have here, I just became aware that my speed has greatly improved with the exposure I’ve gotten these years. Knowing the fact that I can easily write an article in a particular voice doesn’t mean I can do the same to other forms of writing, though.

I haven’t dabbled in fiction writing yet. My left brain says I should because we were taught in college the basics, but my right brain couldn’t seem to fit the words to the form. I can’t write poetry too—I find it funny whenever I attempt to make a piece because I feel it doesn’t make sense and I’m just trying to make it sound right and well, poetic. The least I can do, maybe, is to come up with a poem that rhymes, but that is so elementary the literary giants of my alma mater would probably tear all my drafts before they could even read a line from it.

I’m not saying it’s fiction writing that interests me as of the moment. It has always interested me, I just haven’t had the time to study the form and I just honestly think I should grow as a writer for me to deserve the “title”. Of course, it’s just me and the way I look at things. Or that Facebook’s change on my fanpage‘s label from Writer to Author is the reason behind this post. I have always wanted to be a lifestyle writer, and while I have sufficient working experience for various publications to make myself “fall” into that category, I still have so many things to learn. Just because I feel I’m learning a lot from glossies doesn’t mean I have to limit myself to that. Like they say, the more you know, the less you actually know. I have crazy standards, even for myself.

Reading more often is all I need to constantly improve. That’s one thing I gotta hate about college, letting that be toppled over only by academic handouts and piles of photocopied sheets.



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